Something bizarre but brilliant happened on Twitter today for #F1 fans – @HondaRacingF1 launched Twitter accounts for their two engines power units – @HondaPU14 and @HondaPU22.  F1 journalist Pablo Elizalde summed it up:

As a matter of course, @BadgerGP is of course following Honda’s F1 social media accounts and well, the more the merrier and it’s great to see that the company is adopting Twitter for fan engagement from the outset. Kudos to Honda.

All this sounds straightforward to far until a private message pops up from Honda asking for our address – now we don’t giveaway the location of the Sett to just anyone, but this a legendary F1 supplier so we obliged and today, this arrived:


An envelope stuffed with ‘Top Secret’ documents about the engines power units including their personalities and even their names!?  Alonso/Magnussen’s unit is known as Derrick (or Des for short) and Button’s is known as Akio.  With the pack there was also an encrypted Honda memory stick containing further information, unlocked by completing tasks as per the enclosed documents.

I’m always a fan of innovative use of social media, so Honda creating accounts for their eng power units (getting the hang of this) is a big thumbs up from me. To then take this a step further and send out physical documents, with further content on a USB stick is just clever and good fun, well done folks!

There’s another treat coming on Saturday morning when the next file is decrypted – I’m hooked.  Very pleased to have the Honda name back in Formula 1 and it’s great to see their are definitely on it when it comes to social media. How refreshing.  I’ll leave you with copies of the blue print for the power units (not engines, yes!).