New Year’s resolutions – everyone makes them, but not everyone sticks to them. We at Badger thought it would be apt to come up with a few for the current crop of F1 drivers, and we asked you to do the same through Facebook and Twitter too.

Here’s some of ours with a few of our favourites added in for good measure – did yours make the list?

Pastor Maldonado

Control your agression, crash less, win more, and maintain the bad boy image – we like it!

Lewis Hamilton

New year, new look, and no we don’t mean new earings. And don’t tweet team telemetry!

“This would look awesome on Instagram” – Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Kimi Raikkonen

You know what you’re doing (unless the gate is shut, of course)

Sebastian Vettel

Give someone else a go at being World Champion (maybe Mark Webber?).

“Can I have a go now, please?” – Photo: Red Bull Racing Media

Romain Grosjean

Try to stop looking like something out of the Ice Age movie series. And remember; it’s mirror, signal, manoeuvre.

Jenson Button

To make Saturdays as good as Sundays.

“Nope. It’s not Saturday today, see?” – Photo: Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Michael Schumacher

Put your feet up and play F1 2012 online to maintain your love for racing, using a gamertag like “SchueySevenTimes” or something.

“And I was like, “NOOB!” – Photo: Mercedes AMG F1 Media

Both Toro Rosso drivers

Spend winter training working on your neck muscles, as you’ll spend most of 2013 looking over your shoulders.

Felipe Massa

For a better time in 2013, remember that the season starts in March, not September.

Keep this man away from a calendar – Photo: The Cahier Archive

Christian Horner

Drink less caffeine so your foot doesn’t twitch as much on the pitwall.

Charles Pic

Get a haircut!

Mark Webber

Start better. Both at the start of the season, and at each race.

Fernando Alonso

Eat less chicane, maybe?

Sergio Perez

Keep on smiling (maybe a little less flirting with Natalie Pinkham though!)

Paul Di Resta

To look a little less miserable.

No big team wanted you? Keep smiling anyway! – Photo: Sahara Force India F1 Media

Have you got any ideas for resolutions for your favourite/not so favourite F1 drivers? Let us know below, or on Facebook or Twitter too!

Happy New Year!