Lewis gives a rendition of "Don't Cha wish your pay packet was as good as mine?"

Having been alerted to Lewis Hamilton’s musical “abilities” by POP recently, we thought it only be right to compile a list of songs which should be a shoo-in to feature in “F1: the Musical”.  It’s surely only a matter of time they make a musical of the “circus” that is F1 – Bernie Ecclestone leaves no money-making stone unturned, after all.

  1. The Chain by Fleetwood Mac – the opener, naturally (for the impatient among you, 3 mins in should do the trick).
  2. Carmen – Prelude to Act 1 (The Toreadors) by Georges Bizet – as the final act of the musical plays out, the entire audience are showered with champagne for a truly “4D” experience.
  3. Sofa by Ed Sheeran – Formula 1 gets a mention from musical boy-wonder Sheeran.
  4. God Save the Queen by a Renault F1 car – classic.
  5. We are the Champions by Jenson Button – who needs to be in tune when you just won the World Championship?  No, didn’t think so.
  6. Blah Blah Blah Blah-ing by Rubens Barrichello – irritatingly catchy.

Not making the cut:

  1. Lift Me Up penned by Moby – poor effort.  Poor coverage.
  2. Don’t Cha by Pussycat Dolls – never trust the choices of a man who has pierced ears and veneers.
  3. General strumming by Vettel – finally!  Something he’s rubbish at!

Suggestions welcome, just as long we’re all clear that Eddie Jordan’s “band” are not allowed in F1: The Musical.  Glad we cleared that up.