World © Swope/Sutton The start of the US GP in 2005. Cracking entertainment all round.

Formula One and the United States haven’t had an altogether brilliant relationship over the last decade.

Back in 2005, the Indianapolis Grand Prix was little short of a disaster; fewer than half the grid started due to issues with the Michelin tyres and the fans were “treated” to six cars “racing” round.

Almost typically, Michael Schumacher and his Ferrari team had the Bridgestone tyres, started from pole and won the race.

Those were the days, eh?

Then there was the USF1 team, a dream being turned into reality by Peter Windsor et al.  Despite all the fuss, garage tours and deals with YouTube, nothing every materialised and everyone carried on as though it never happened.

USF1 "launch" on SPEED TV - and not much else happened afterwards - we don't even like their logo credit:

To turn to matters more current and on a positive note, come the 2012 season, stateside F1 fans will have the pleasure of a US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas and, from what we’ve all seen so far, it’s looking good.

Of course, many of the manufacturers and other companies affiliated with Formula 1 would embrace the chance to reach out to the American markets, as do Bernie Ecclestone and friends.

Yet it seems that’s not enough – now we’ve been hit with the news that come 2013, there will be yet another American Grand Prix in New Jersey, likely at the expense of a European event (and, most annoyingly, Valencia has a contract already).

What do you make of it – are you happy to have two USA based races?

Should F1 really be visiting the US twice in a season?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.