Formula One might be a gift that keeps on giving, but that doesn’t mean you’re always going to like the gift you receive. For a fan to find out that engine regulations are even tighter in 2018 can be comparable to waking up on Christmas morning to receive a pair of odd socks. With holes in.

To avoid this potential disappointment, I asked around Badger’s HQ for everyone’s wish list for the next F1 season. Now, just need to find Santa’s Liberty’s address.

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Our F1 Wishlist 2018

First up is Adam, Badger GP founder – he basically wants underdog victories and more colour – so basically Spa 1998 – can’t argue with that.

  1. Force India to have some real underdog performances, a la Jordan days.
  2. Alfa Romeo Sauber to be brilliant, battling in the midfield.
  3. Some fun and exciting liveries and sponsors, 2017 saw a lot more colour on the grid thanks to McLaren and Force India, the Alfa Romeo Sauber looks promising and I want more!
  4. More teams too! Unlikely for the foreseeable future but you can’t beat having more cars on track, as long as they are competitive.
  5. A season where the front row isn’t 90% one team.
Hill on his way to Belgium 1998 victory, in a Jordan – would love to see some underdog wins again. credit: Cahier Archive

Nicky, one of our new bloggers is up next – essentially everything in it’s right place, well Alonso for sure a title fight at the final race.

  1. Alonso back where he belongs! That’s at the front, or at least near the front of the grid.
  2. Verstappen v Ricciardo for race wins – it’d be fascinating to see how their relationship develops if they’re both going for a championship.
  3. At least three teams able to fight for wins and poles. Qualifying has been a lot more exciting this year with Ferrari being more able to challenge Mercedes, lets have some of that on Sunday too.
  4. More teams fighting for podiums. Lance Stroll was the only driver not from the top three teams on the podium this season. It’d be great to see Force India, Williams, McLaren and maybe even Renault challenge for the occasional top three place.
  5. A title fight that goes to the last round of the season – and if I’m being picky, a title fight between more than two drivers too.
Alonso on the podium – it used to be fairly regular, honest. credit: Cahier Archive

Then there’s Fern with some very sound ideas about what F1 should be doing – Chase and co (that’s the Liberty folks), you need to read this list and action each one. Thanks.

  1. Fan questions asked during press conferences, it works so well in MotoGP, it would certainly make it more interesting for fans to watch and possibly more entertaining for the drivers too.
  2. Less grid penalties, I know Ross brawn has mentioned this will be changing in the future – this season was just too much.
  3. Clearer audio on driver radio, I don’t know if it’s just my hearing going but I really do struggle to hear it sometimes. I may regret saying this after a few races of Grosjean’s complaining though!
  4. The return of McLaren podiums. It’s been a tough few years for them, it would be great to see them back up there, especially Stoff. Remember how exciting it was when Max won his first race? Well, I want to see more drivers achieve their first podium or win and Stoff’s one of the drivers I’d love to see up there.
  5. More fan events like #F1Live in London. This would be great as an alternative (or welcome addition) to Thursday’s pit walk for fan’s. I skipped it this year in Monza to see the parade in Milan and really enjoyed it. It gave younger fans a chance to get up close to the cars and drivers.
Embed from Getty Images

Dan comes back with a very succinct list and we have to agree with them all. Simple. Ditch the surveys, make these 5 happen and 90% of fans will be happy.

  1. Robert Kubica to have a respectable showing with a few flashes of the old magic, IF he makes a comeback in 2018.
  2. Alonso in a race winning car once again.
  3. A streaming service to become available for fans.
  4. A championship battle that goes to the wire.
  5. No more races being dominated by engine penalties
Kubica on the podium please – Image Credit:

Chris – nothing against Mercedes, but please give us less of the silver success for a year and let someone else have a go, you’re too good Toto and co.

  1. A multi team title battle, I’m not just talking two teams either, I want all out warfare!
  2. A team other than Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull to win a race.
  3. Mercedes to NOT win the constructors championship.
  4. Liberty Media to announce a streaming platform for F1 with archived races and bonus footage being made available.
  5. Grosjean to go a race without moaning, wishful thinking on my part I reckon!

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