Here at Badger, we giving you the chance to get involved with F1, right from your armchair with our very own Fantasy Grand Prix game.  The premise is simple – sign up, create your very own dream team of drivers and cars and then score points depending on how your team get on in real life.  You can also score points through predicting the results of each grand prix weekend.  What’s more, it’s completely free to play and the winner of every race recevies an exclusive and much coveted F1 Badger Trophy Mug.

Also, some the races are sponsored – the first one of the season is sponsored by Henri Lloyd – the clothing company behind the BrawnGP and MercedesGP merchandise, which means more prizes for you, the players.  For Bahrain, each of the top 50 players will receive a BrawnGP cap and the winner will receive a print of the championship winning BrawnGP car, signed by Ross Brawn… as well as the Trophy Mug.

Have a watch of the latest promotional video, featuring the 2010 edition mug:

Why a mug you may ask?  Firstly, it’s tradition – Badger has always produced a Trophy Mug for it’s Fantasy Grand Prix games, since way back in 2008, secondly – it’s a drinking vessel, i.e. the same as the trophies given to the drivers on the podiums at each of the races.  These trophies are not available anywhere else, money can’t buy them – only a Fantasy Grand Prix victory.