Fantasy GPAs we quickly approach the second round of the 2012 Fantasy GP Championship with the Malaysian GP this weekend, it’s time to sort your team out and make your predictions to ensure you score as many points as possible.

As well as being the second race of the season, Malaysia is also the second and final ‘practice’ round of the Fantasy GP championship – i.e. your chance to change your team around and try different strategies.

Before the Chinese GP, all scores will be reset to zero and free team changes will be limited to 3 for the rest of the season (additional changes will incur a 15pt penalty – on your total, not for that race)

With ‘Friends Leagues’ you can setup your own mini league within Fantasy GP to have your own private championship with friends, co-workers, family or whoever you like – maybe your Twitter followers for example.

Creating a friends league is easy, once you’re signed up with Fantasy GP, login and go to ‘friends leagues‘ on the menu, choose to create a new one, give it a name and presto!  To have your friends join the new league, just let them know the name and the passcode and they can join too, in just a few clicks via the ‘Friends League’ page.  Easy.

You can join up to two friends leagues alongside the main World Championship!

Here at Badger, we have our own ‘Sett Championship’ for Badger staff and our close friends to battle it out amongst ourselves.  Senior Badger currently leads with our resident Fantasy GP pro, Riccardo Monza not far behind…