Here at the Badger Sett, we’re very happy to announce that the 2011 Fantasy GP World Championship is now open!  The new Fantasy GP is a development of our massively popular 2010 game and once again there will be the much coveted Fantasy GP Trophy Mugs up for grabs for each race winner – these will be unveiled later this month.

For those who haven’t played before, the premise is simple – the game gives you the opportunity to get more involved in Formula One, right from your armchair.  You become your own team boss and create your own dream team of 3 cars and 3 drivers and then score points depending on the real grand prix results.  It involves a bit of strategy – you have a limited budget so need to choose your team wisely.  You can also score additional points by predicting the grand prix results, which of course makes watching the races even more exciting!

With the season being over a month away, it may seem a little early to start compiling your dream team, but don’t worry – the first two races (Bahrain and Australia) are practice rounds, where although scores count and winners receive prizes, come Malaysia, all points will be reset, ready for the Fantasy GP World Championship to begin from the third grand prix onwards.

The game is simple and free to play, but tricky to win!  You can also create your own ‘friends leagues’ so as well as playing against thousands of other players from across the planet, you can also have a mini-championship with your friends, office colleagues or Twitter friends (tweeps?!).

To play, simply create an account with Badger GP here and then once you’ve activated it, you can proceed to set up your race-winning team on the Fantasy GP page here.  What are you waiting for, setup your Fantasy GP team today!