It’s been an epic 2010 grand prix season and in turn, so has Badger’s Fantasy GP game with multiple race winners and with three rounds still to play, anyone in the top 50 or so could be 2010 champion…  So who have you chosen for to have in your team for the final few races?  To help you out, here’s Badger’s rundown of the stats at this late stage in the season.

With over 2500 players for each grand prix this season, there have some superb victories as well as displays of sheer bad luck as people try and predict the podium, fastest lap and pole position for a GP weekend, that on top of the fact that each player has a team with 3 cars and 3 drivers (within budget) means there have been near-endless permutations and the final three races will really matter.  The image to right shows you the Top 50 leaderboard as it stands right now (you can see the rest if you’re registered here)

Now, here are some handy stats for those keen to make up the difference on their rivals at this late stage – we can’t tell you everything, that just wouldn’t be fair, but here’s some data for you to make use of…

First up, here’s the team and driver popularity – i.e. how many players have each team and driver in their FantasyGP team – not surprisingly Vettel and Red Bull are very popular, but also look at Petrov and Rosberg, they’re much higher than you would expect…

click it to make it bigger
click it to make it bigger

Ok and now here’s some more interesting data for each driver, their points, bonus points in the game and their value (relative to their FantasyGP cost) arranged in best to worst value.  It may help you rethink your Fantasy team line-up.

*this was Chandhok and others too

Definitely food for thought, especially when the most popular driver (Vettel) is also only the 7th best value driver.  And here’s the equivelant for the teams – remember, only drivers, not teams score the bonus points for moving up from starting to finishing positon.

Ok, so that’s your lot for now, make of it what you will – we hope it helps with those critical team changes ahead of the final run of races and best of luck to all those playing – there’s still three Badger Trophy Mugs up for grabs…

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