Here’s a fab guest post for you all to enjoy, looking at our FantasyGP game and churning out some interesting stats – you never know, they may just help you get your mits on a Badger Trophy Mug! – Enjoy…

After a long break and a great Chinese Grand Prix, we are almost ready for the Turkish installment of this year’s world championship. What will the wondrous Turn 8 be like with Pirelli Tyres, DRS and KERS? Will the Red Bull team-mates collide again?

But, most importantly,which are the best drivers and teams to pick in Badger’s Fantasy GP game?

Hi, I’m Gavin Brown, otherwise known as RubberGoat and author of the F1 statistics blog, Making Up The Numbers. I like numbers. I like them almost as much as I like F1 … which is a heck of a lot. I’ve been a fan for almost 25 years now and 2011 is looking to be one of the most exciting seasons in ages! Most of the posts written on my blog are about analysing lap time data to compare strategies. But I also play a few different Fantasy F1 games – including the BadgerGP game. So when I offered to have a look at the statistics behind the game, Badger was very keen to let me have a look at the data.

Now, before I do, I should point out a couple of things. Firstly, I won’t be looking at who scored the most points or who was the best combination to have, because that would spoil the fun and make it too easy. Secondly, the data sent to me makes no reference to player or team names, so it’s completely anonymous. I can see who was picked, but not by whom…

Here Come The Graphs…

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the data from the Chinese Grand Prix. I am interested in seeing who were the most and least popular picks. Let’s look at the top drivers first:

You lot were probably thinking that the most popular drivers would be Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso, right? So it’s very surprising to see Petrov and Kobayashi ahead of the world champion! I would suspect from that piece of information that lots of you have used up one of your free transfers, no? I suspect the fact that most of the midfield drivers are in the top 12 would also suggest that people are thinking about points gained for overtaking places too.

Now let’s look at the least popular drivers:

Well, there are some very surprising names here. Considering this website has a lot of British readers, not that many have faith in Jenson Button. Karthikeyan seems to have been picked a lot more than I expected … ahead of Schumacher, Barrichello and poor old Felipe Massa. With less than 150 picks out of over 4000 teams in total, not even a half of 1% of teams picked him. He’s much better than that, surely?

Finally, let’s look at the teams:

So you all picked Red Bull, huh? I don’t blame you! I would say that in most races they would be safe points. The fact that Sauber and Team Lotus feature quite highly indicates most of you are probably going for a frontrunner/midfield/backmarker team combination. The passionate Ferrari fans don’t seem to have much faith in the Scuderia and nobody seems to like Mercedes, either!

I Predict A Riot

So that was how you all played the game, but how good were you at predicting the results of the Chinese Grand Prix?

Well, 85% of you correctly predicted that Vettel would get pole, which given the speed of the Red Bull this year is quite a safe choice. But while 72% of you picked him for the win, only 17% correctly picked the actual winner (Lewis Hamilton). Consequently only 19% of you correctly predicted that Vettel would finish 2nd – 47% of you thought it would be Hamilton. Finally 33% of you thought it would be Jenson Button in 3rd when in fact it was Mark Webber (23%).

Oh and there were 3 drivers who only one person each thought would win – Massa, Rosberg and Kobayashi. Now that’s a brave prediction!

So that’s all from me then. I would imagine you are all maxed out on statistics now. I do hope you have enjoyed the post – why not make a quick comment telling Badger how you did and if you plan to make any changes for the Turkish Grand Prix?

Remember the deadline for all changes and predictions is 1 hour before qualifying starts on Saturday, so good luck and have fun!