After round 1 of the 2016 Fantasy GP World Championship you’ll either be elated or devastated with your team performance. Although the podium wasn’t unexpected, performances up and down the grid may have surprised a few.

Driver Review: The best value driver was Romain Grosjean, by miles. At only £5million and a massive haul of 52 points, the Frenchman was a great bargain to have in your team. 8 points for finishing 6th, 39pts bonus for progressing 13 places from the start and then an additional 5 points for out qualifying his team mate. Overall his value was 10.4ppm (points per million).

The second most high value driver was Pascal Wehrlein. He pocketed 5pts for starting ahead of his team mate and then an impressive 15pts for finishing 5 places better than he started. Not bad that, 20 points for a driver that costs just £3million.

Despite losing out to his team mate in the race, Lewis Hamilton was still better value than Nico Rosberg. 2nd place (18pts) and pole position (15pts) gave him a total of 33 points to Rosberg’s 28 (1st place, 25pts + 3pts bonus for progressing one place).

Team Review: Looking at teams, it was no surprise that Mercedes dominated and even with them being the most expensive team, their 1-2 finish put them up there as second most high points value team, just behind Haas who’s 8 points for just £3million made them a bargain in Australia.

The rest of the teams all had relatively similar points per million values, but having Sauber, McLaren, Renault or Manor as one of your teams was largely pointless with none of them bringing any points home.

More Stats: The first driver to retire was Fernando Alonso. Although Daniil Kvyat was classified last, he also didn’t actually start the race, so is classified as DNS. Alonso retired due to his huge crash with Gutierrez and is classed as being behind the young Mexican because he was behind on track before the incident.

There was only one Safety Car period in Australia. Although it was technically on track twice, the red flag effectively paused the race and then resumed afterwards so this is classed as 1 safety car period. Daniel Ricciardo got the Fastest Lap.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 08.25.36Congratulations: Well done to “F1 Tuk Tuk” who took victory in Australia with 226 points in the World Championship. Both “Redscare” and “Abu Dhabi Doo” had 226 points but are classified 2nd and 3rd respectively, ranked in order of date entered into the Championship.

And an even bigger congratulations to “Raiders of the Lost Gravel” who won the first round in the PRO Championship. They had a total of 204 points, just 1 point ahead of 2nd place “Slackwagon” with “Tangotize” finishing 3rd with 196 points.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 08.25.58The winning player in the PRO Championship for Australia will be receiving a Graham & Leigh circuit of their choice, well done!

If you’re not in the PRO Championship and scored more than 204 points in Australia, you should consider joining. It costs just £5 for the year and means prizes are award at every single race.

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