Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!


Badger GP’s popular Fantasy F1 game is back for 2014 and is better than ever.  If you haven’t signed up yet, get involved here to create your team of cars and drivers and make your grand prix predictions.

The premise is simple – you create your Fantasy GP team of cars and drivers within a budget of £75 million and score points relative to how the the real cars and drivers perform at races throughout the 2014 World Championship.  To make it even more fun, you can also predict pole position, the podium, fastest lap and number of safety cars for bonus points too.

As well as contending in the Badger GP World Championship you can also create your own mini leagues to play with friends, family, colleagues, Twitter followers or whoever you like.  You can read more about friends leagues and the game in general here.

Results are calculated immediately and published once the FIA have approved the finishing classification.  If you win a Fantasy Grand Prix then you’ll receive the much coveted 2014 Badger GP Winners Trophy Mug, which will be unveiled soon.  You can see the previous mugs here.  The 2014 Champion will also win a mug along with a special championship prize too, to be confirmed.

Get it on Google Play

Now available as an app too!  New for 2014 is the Badger GP app, available from the Google Play Store for Android based phones and tablets.  An iOS version for iPhone and iPad will follow shortly.  The app makes managing your team on the go very easy and you can also keep up to date with F1 News curated by Badger GP and read our feature articles too.

If you’ve played the game before, then the changes for 2014 are as follows below and be sure to read the full Players Guide and FAQ here too.

  • Unlimited free team changes for the first 2 races
  • You have 5 free team changes to use beyond the first 2 races
  • Team changes, beyond your free allocation cost 15 points
  • Correct predictions are now worth 15 points instead of 25.
  • Points will not be reset after the first 2 races