Good news folks, following the first two grands prix of the season and now with over 2000 players competing from around the globe, it’s time to begin the 2011 Fantasy Grand Prix World Championship!

From the Chinese Grand Prix onwards, all points scored will count towards the 2011 championship where the winner will receive the chance to turn fantasy into reality and get behind the wheel of a Formula Silverstone single-seater racing car and take to the track with for a Single Seater Experience at the home of the British Grand Prix.

As with previous years, winners of each grand prix also receive the much-coveted Badger GP Winners Trophy Mug (as modelled by Lee, Ted and Jake – no, they weren’t allowed to keep them!)  Also, some races will feature spot-prizes for the winner and top 3 finishers…

New Player?

If you’re not playing already, you can read all about the game and how to play here – it’s free, simple and easy to play, so there’s no reason not to get more involved in your favourite sport – right from your armchair!   It’s not too late – the first two races were practice rounds and points will be reset before China!

Already Playing?

If you are playing already – great, hopefully you’ve learnt a bit and sorted your tactics and strategy during the first two (practice) races!  If you’re looking for more help and useful hints, we strongly suggest reading our Fantasy GP – How to Win guide, which takes you through different approaches to playing the game.

Important Info for Existing Players

  • All total points will be reset at midday (BST) on Wednesday April 13th 2011
  • Free team changes will be limited to 3 for the season from midday (BST) on April 13th
  • Additional team changes (beyond the 3) will cost you 15 points from your total score
  • The same conditions apply to all friends/mini-leagues too.

Friends / Mini Leagues

If you’re not already, why not create your own friends/mini-league – again it’s free and it’s an ideal way to have a mini championship all of your own as well as competing in the Badger GP World Championship.  Badger’s staff have their own league and you can too, with family, friends or even colleagues in the office – for more info, see the game guide

Sponsored/Special Leagues

As well as friends/mini-leagues and the Badger World Championship there are a few special leagues:

  • Sports Cafe London – each GP winner gets a £50 bar tab, the overall champion gets £100 bar tab – read more here…
  • Martin Brundle Fans – just for fun and in conjunction with the Martin Brundle Facebook page – read more here…
  • – the famous made-up F1 news website – again, just for fun, but to be a bit different, the winners in this league are those with the least points!  Read more here…

NOTE: You can join a maximum of two mini, friends or special leagues

Best of luck everyone, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!