Playing against your friends, family or colleagues is great fun and can definitely generate some excellent office banter or healthy debate around the dinner table.  Of course, the main Badger Fantasy World Championship table is a bit large and it’s tricky to try and find all your friends.

To get around this, Badger offers ‘friends leagues’ which are essentially mini leagues where you just see you are your friends/colleagues/relatives teams.  As with everything Badger, it’s free and pretty simple to setup.

Once registered with FantasyGP, you can click on ‘Tools – Friends Leagues’ and create a new league, give it a name and then you’ll be presented with a ‘passcode’

You can then email your friends/colleagues/relatives and tell them the name of your league and the passcode.  They can then signup, go to the ‘tools – friends leagues’ page and click ‘join a league’


You can view your league at any time by going to the championship table page and changing the drop down menu to show your league.