To clear up any questions on how the game works over the course of a grand prix weekend, here’s a little summary.

First of all you’ll notice on the sidebar when in FantasyGP that there is a ‘game status’ which often has a green light, saying ‘good’ next to it.  Super.  When this green light is showing, the game is open for you to login, check your team, points, friends leagues etc and most importantly, you can change your team lineup and change your predictions for the race weekend.

On the Saturday over a Grand Prix weekend, the game will ‘close’ up to 1 hour before qualifying begins and will then remain closed until up to 1 hr after the chequered flag falls on the Sunday.  When the game is in this ‘closed’ state, the green light is red and the text is ‘race in progress’

While this red light is on, you can still login and check your team, your predictions and view your stats, but no changes will be possible – all team line ups and predictions are set.

After the race and the official results have been announced, the points will be put into Badger’s big calculator and you’ll be able to logon and see how you have done.  The light will return to being green and the game is open again, ready for the next grand prix.  The game may not open for up to 1 hour after the race and this may be longer in the case where results are disputed.

In any situation where penalties are awarded and race results changed – the decision taken by the President of FantasyGP will be final.