Jennie Gow, the excellent BBC 5LiveF1 pundit who’s often found in the F1 paddock chatting with drivers, is also a fan of Badger GP and so we’ve launched her very own Fantasy Grand Prix Championship where you can play against Jennie throughout the 2015 season.

Awesome prize
Awesome prize

Obviously, being in the paddock, means she’ll have some insider knowledge so if you get close, you’re doing well.  There’s also a prize for the 2015 Jennie Gow Champion – provided by the awesome folk at Graham & Leigh – the winner can choose their favourite race track to be made to order, bespoke to them with a custom ‘Jennie Gow Champion plaque’.

New to Fantasy Grand Prix?

The premise is simple – create your dream team of cars and drivers within a set budget and score points relative to how they do in the races.  You can also predict the GP weekend results too and score additional bonus points.  Read the full Players Guide and FAQ for more info or head over to Fantasy GP to get started now.  The tricky bit is beating everyone else!

How to play against Jennie

Once you have your Fantasy GP team setup, click ‘Special Leagues’ and choose the Jennie Gow Championship.  You’ll need the passcode which she’ll be sharing via her Twitter @JennieGow

Who’s in your team?


We suggest you follow @JennieGow on Twitter for reliable news direct from the paddock with a hint of wit too, just how we like it here at Badger GP.  Jennie will also be contributing to our 2015 season coverage too, so have a look out for that.

Did you know?  Jennie is a 2014 Fantasy GP Mug Winner – yep, she said how tricky she finds the game, but come the 2014 Singapore GP she nailed the predictions and came top out of over 3000 players.  When you play Fantasy GP with Badger, you’re playing against some of the great names in motorsport and media, as well as other awesome fans. Yeah.