As news broke this morning about McLaren needing to change the gearbox in Lewis Hamilton’s car – it’s now confirmed that he will suffer a 5-place grid penalty as a result.  Disaster for Hamilton fans, but hey, it’s always good to see a front-running driver battle through the field and we all know (Felipe too well) that Lewis likes to have a go…

Bad news for Lewis Hamilton with his 5 place grid penalty - credit:

Following the news, many people have been in touch, looking for clarification over predictions for the Fantasy GP of China.

To explain, as part of your predictions, you need to predict who will be on pole position, the top 3 podium places and the fastest lap.  Now, all this is fine, except do note that it is pole position that you are predicting – not who is fastest in Q3.  That essentially means that there’s no point in predicting Hamilton to be on pole, because it would take several miracles for it to happen.  Even if he’s fastest in qualifying, he’ll start 6th so you won’t get the points.

Definitely worth bearing in mind when working out your predictions for the race this weekend.  Also, be sure to have a look at the indepth stats from the first two races here and for further guidance read the ‘How to WIN‘ and ‘Players Guide‘ articles too.

Best of luck for this weekend!