Although having a good dream team of drivers and cars is important – the predictions for the Grand Prix weekend can be pivotal in your success for the 2010 Fantasy GP season.

Unlike when chosing your dream team – there is no constraints on budget, so you cab choose whoever you like for each of the positions and you can even have the same driver twice, three times or for all the positions.  Of course, you’ll be playing it safe by putting the same driver down for all the positions, but at least you’ll be very likely to score at least some points.  Read “Play it safe or Play it risky” for more on that.

For each race you can predict:

  • Pole Position
  • Podium:
    • 1st,
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
  • Fastest Lap of the race

Predictions can be made at any point prior to the current grand prix and can be changed as many times as you like without penalty.  The game closes up to 1hr before qualifying and from that point on your predictions are set.

Predictions can only be made for the next race so you will need to ensure you check and update your team prior to each grand prix weekend.  Once one grand prix is over, the next one is open so you can make your predictions at any time from then on.