Following our statistical analysis of the Aussie GP round of Fantasy GP, we’ve asked one of our longest standing players to provide some insight into the game, from their own point of view.

Badger GP have tasked me with providing a little insight into their awesome Fantasy Grand Prix game after each race. As someone who enjoys it enormously (bordering on fanatical!), I look forward to offering a viewpoint.

2013 testing offered little for us to go on which made picking teams and drivers extremely difficult for Australia. Was the Mercedes pace genuine? Were McLaren in trouble? Were Red Bull sand-bagging? Plus add to that 5 rookies and the unpredictability of the new Pirelli tyres and the game was wide open. It was only in free practice that we saw the teams show their true potential and it looked as if Red Bull were the team to beat (again).

Qualifying was spiced up thanks to the rain and for a while it looked as if we were going to have a mixed up grid. In the end qualifying was completed on race day morning and some normality was resumed with Red Bull comfortably out in front. Vettel on pole was a fairly safe bet for prediction points – and many of us assumed he would disappear into the distance for a win – oh, how wrong we were!

It is to modern F1’s credit that the racing is anything but predictable these days. Kimi coming through to win with a canny two-stop strategy proved that tyres will still play an important role this year. The Ferrari cars looked strong and yielded good fantasy points. Massa’s improved form could be beneficial to many Fantasy F1 players. Red Bull seemed mysteriously quiet on race day but can never be underestimated. Lewis Hamilton was all smiles all weekend, and a fifth place is a mighty fine starting point to build on this season.

It will take a few races to see any patterns forming but further down the grid, Sutil proved good value with a strong drive on his comeback. All the rookies managed to score a decent haul of fantasy points – Pic and Bianchi looking particularly good on their debuts.

Badger added another variable this year – predicting the amount of safety cars per race. Melbourne ALWAYS has at least one safety car, right? Not in 2013! This is going to be trickier than expected!

Good luck for Malaysia!