As stated in the rules, the first two races of the year are classed as practise rounds.  These will be scored exactly the same as the rest, but after Australia, all the points totals will be reset to zero.  You will still be able to see your scored from the first two races, they just won’t be included in the overall Fantasy World Championship.


This is to give everyone a chance to get used to the game, try different tactics and get themselves setup for the season.  As you will have noticed – you have 5 free changes – feel free to use these during thr practice rounds because after Australia all teams will be reset to having 5 free changes.

All used up?

If at any point you have used all of your free changes, you can still make changes to your team, but you will incur a 10 point penalty.  This 10 point deduction will only effect your overall total and not the grand prix race total so your chances of winning the race are not effected, just your overall championship campaign.