UPDATE – Alonso and Hamilton got penalities for their on-track activities – Hamilton deemed to move too many times and Alonso for causing a collision – it’s a somewhat dubious ruling – discuss it with us here – but Hamilton is now 8th, Alonso remains 6th.

The second and final practice round of the FantasyGP World Championship has now been completed and the results are live on the game.

Important Note:

  • The game remains in practice mode until midnight on Tuesday
  • After midnight Tuesday, the Total Points for each team will be reset to zero
  • Once practice mode is over, free team changes will be limited to 3 for the season
  • Any additional team changes beyond the 3 free ones, will cost you 15 points
  • The Chinese GP will be the first round that counts to the FantasyGP championship

If you’re not already playing FantasyGP, you can sign up now and get your team ready for China, with points being reset, you’re in with just a much chance as anyone else, albeit with less practice!

If you have any questions, new player or not, use the comments below and here’s the race result from Malaysia for reference…

Aside – do note that younger folk play this game too, so please ensure that your team name is family friendly – the winner of the Malaysian GP has had their team name censored.  Anyone found with a non-family friendly name in the championship will be deducted 500 points.  If you spot one in the list, let us know asap.

Attention: The internal data of table “36” is corrupted!