Congratulations to Matt Goldsworthy who has won the opening race of the 2012 Fantasy Grand Prix season with a massive 296 points.  You can now logon to see how well you did and if you didn’t do so well, work out where you went wrong!

Top 10

The first two races of the season (Australia and Malaysia) are classed as practice rounds where you’ll score points and Badger Trophy Mugs will be awarded to the winners, but after these two rounds, points are reset to zero for the season to begin proper from China onwards.

So how can you improve?  It’s a fair question – and we have an article that may come in handy – “How to Win” where you can learn about different strategies you can use in the game and the different ways of playing.

There’s also the stats page in the game, which gives you the points scored by each driver, the bonus points awarded and calculates how well they did in terms of value for money – important to ensure you spend you money wisely.

To help you make any team changes, here are the points scored by each driver in Australia, in a funky graph:

And as for the teams, here’s how they fared down under:

Note: the game results are usually updated within an hour of the FIA confirming the results – due our Aussie GP event today, the update is a little late…

If you’re not playing the game already, it’s not too late to sign up with the next GP also being a practice round – get involved with F1 now, right from your sofa! Fantasy GP