Following the first race of the 2013 season, here’s the first of regular look at the statistics to see what’s what around the Fantasy Grand Prix of Australia.

Team and Driver Selections

The charts below show team and driver popularity – i.e. how popular each were in terms of selections for players Fantasy GP teams.  Firstly, here’s the how each of the F1 teams faired…

team pop

  • Williams are the big shock here – they were a definite midfield team in 2012, but showed a glimpse of promise at times, especially during the 2013 pre-season testing.  As a result, many players included the team in their Fantasy GP teams.  It will be interesting to see how this shifts ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix.
  • Red Bull are of course popular, but it’s interesting to see what from the cheaper teams, Caterham were more than twice as popular as Marussia.
  • McLaren were the 3rd least popular team, rightly so after seeing the Aussie GP and we can only imagine they will be even less popular going to Malaysia, especially as they are one of the more expensive teams.

And now let’s look over at the drivers where there are few interesting points to be made…

driver pop

  • Alonso is by far the most popular choice, again not surprising when he’s regarded as the most complete driver on the grid.
  • Vettel on the other hand is only the 3rd most popular choice, probably in part due to the fact that he’s most expensive.
  • Poor old Massa though – the least popular driver, although we expect this to change when players amend their teams for Malaysia.
  • There must have been many upset players who had Hulkenberg in their team, he was the 2nd most popular choice, but didn’t even race.
  • Pic and Chilton were the most popular cheaper drivers, but after Australia I imagine we’ll see Binachi become more popular.
  • Raikkonen was only in less than 15% of the Fantasy GP teams, but we expect this to change after his win on Sunday.

All this data will be more interesting when we compare race-by-race and see how the popularity shifts and you can use the data to manage your team – it’s often a good plan to go against popularity, because that way if your choice comes good, not many others will have done the same so you stand a better chance of gaining more points.  That said, there’s a reason why some drivers are popular!


Here are a couple of charts showing the spread of predictions ahead of the Australian Grand Prix – not surprising to see that Vettel was head and shoulders above every other driver in terms of being predicted to be on pole, the podium and fastest lap.  Those few who chose Kimi for the win and fastest lap will have been laughing with joy after Sunday’s race.  The chart below only shows driver that had more than 5% of players voting for them.



And then, new for 2013 we have the Safety Car predictions, here’s how players predicted the number of safety cars with the half of all players going for 1 and then more the majority of the remainder going for none or 2.

safety car

The Winning Combination

We don’t usually share how the winning Fantasy GP team managed to win, but this year, for the first two races we’re doing just that!  This is to help you understand and make effective changes going forward.  Remember that you have unlimited team and driver changes until the Chinese Grand Prix, so now is the best time to play with your strategy…

The 2013 Fantasy Grand Prix of Australia Winner was Thomas Myers, who has a Badger GP Trophy Mug on its way to him and here’s how he scored a massive 292 points for the Aussie GP:

BadgerGP Mug 2013 - 29
The 2013 Badger GP Trophy Mug
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 43pts (25 for the win and 18 bonus points for moving up 6places)
  • Nico Hulkenberg – 0pts
  • Charles Pic – 18pts (moved up 6 places, 3 points for each)


  • Lotus – 26pts (25 from Kimi’s win and 1 from Romain’s 10th)
  • Ferrari – 30pts (18 from Fernando’s 2nd and 12 from Felipe’s 4th)
  • Marussia – 0pts (neither driver finished in the top 10)


  • Pole – Vettel (correct +25pts)
  • Podium – 1. Raikkonen, 2. Alonso, 3. Vettel (all correct 3 x +25pts)
  • Fastest Lap – Raikkonen (correct +25pts)
  • Safety Cars – 2 (wrong)

If you add up the Driver, Team and Predictions points, he has a total of 242pts, but then add on his 50pts bonus for getting the podium perfectly correct and his grand total is an impressive 292pts.  Well done!

On a side note…

There were some points changes following the Australian GP – you may have noticed your totals changing from time to time, which was due to a technical fault with the points calculations.  Rest assured that the cause of these issues has been found and fixed, tested thoroughly and sorted going ahead.  It’s the first time we’ve had such an issue in 5yrs of running the game, so I can only apologise for any confusion caused.