Hungary is likely to be an understandably sombre affair and, given the Fantasy GP game is just that, a game, I thought I’d lighten the tone and put forward one way in which your season could have gone horribly wrong. Here is my six of the worst:
*BUT_22_01Jenson Button (£17m) – A seemingly fairytale reprieve from an inevitable fading into second-tier racing with Aussie-grit as your team-mate, some will have had a romantic notion that £17m would be well spent cheering Button to a second title battle. Instead, he’s the worst individual performer with only 3.88 points per million achieved. He’ll rightly blame the car, I think he’d be quicker without it judging by his triathlon performances.
Daniel Kvyat (£11m) – Sometimes promotions can be well-deserved but ill-timed and Kyvat might be forgiven for wandering where the big white smile has gone in the Red Bull garage this season. Safe to say, you won’t have been smiling if you spent £11m on him as he’s failed to move away from mediocrity in his Fantasy guise with a below-average 86 points gained to date.
*MAL_13_01Pastor Maldonado (£6m) – Crash, bang, wallop, it hasn’t exactly been Pastor’s year to date. He shows glimpses of his talent and his stupidity but unfortunately they often come in the same race! Luck, including his own car and the driving of his rivals, haven’t exactly been kind to him either!
Red Bull (£20m) – Wedding’s aside, Horner and Red Bull have had a disappointing season. My biggest disappointment though was seeing them try and take their ball home when life got difficult. Thankfully, I didn’t have them in my Fantasy line-up, otherwise my annoyance would have been so much higher.
McLaren (£14m) – If you put your faith in a majestic return to the sport for Honda then… ouch! 5 points. 0.36 per million. Two World Championship-winning drivers. Enough said.
Toro Rosso (£7m) – No Manor, I hear you cry? Well, this is starting to look like a Red Bull vendetta but this team have been outperformed by their rivals and Manor at least have some tactical advantages for selection. Toro Rosso, on the other hand, do not. Plus, let’s face it, it is always helps to round things to an even £75m. Look what it could have bought you – disaster!
Other Tips – Budapest offered plenty of excitement last year as a race involving some of the wet stuff saw an unusual battle at the front with Ricciardo sneaking past Alonso and the Mercedes battling hard for the bronze medal. It would be a brave person to predict a similar surprise this time around.
Remind yourself of this track with this pretty cool 4-way qualifying comparison from 2014:
Weather is predicted to be scorching but don’t rule out Hungary throwing out a surprise – it has caught people out before. A tight, twisty track isn’t immune to crashes either and a safety car cannot be ruled out. Also, Silverstone was a reminder that it isn’t just a binary choice on that front either as the virtual safety car before the real deal can throw every prediction into the fire!