After a poor start, Lewis was out of position in his McLaren and after quickly disposing of the Mercedes drivers, he was up behind Felipe Massa.  Felipe’s Ferrari wasn’t a match for Lewis’ McLaren in race pace terms, but Lewis had to work hard to find a way past.  He managed to pull alongside Massa, but the Brazilian braked later and the pair turned in to the corner.

As Lewis turned in to the corner, his front wing clipped Felipe’s right rear and ripped the tyre leaving the Ferrari to struggle back to the pits with a puncture.  Lewis’ front wing didn’t fair much better and after another entire lap he pitted for a new one.

Mechanics replace Massa's shredded tyre - credit:
Lewis races on for a lap with half a wing - credit:

This incident, on top of the argy bargy between the pair on Saturday left Felipe Massa very annoyed, claiming that Lewis has “lost his mind” and is too dangerous, saying it could have caused a massive accident.  It was seen in a similar way by the stewards, who handed a drive-through penalty to Hamilton.

And, to top it all off, both drivers got in a heated exchange during the press interviews after the race too.

Is Massa really right to be so annoyed with Hamilton, and now as a result, the talk of the paddock is not Vettel’s untouchable race pace, but Hamilton’s driving style – what do you think BadgerGP readers?  

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