The double world-champion and ever-popular Fernando Alonso made his first public appearance today… in Ferrari gear.   He and the fully recovered Felipe Massa arrived in Madonna di Campiglio for Ferrari’s annual “Wroom” media event.  Alonso seems to strangely ‘fit’ well with the Ferrari colours, and we’re sure you’re all as eager as us to see how he gets on with the prancing horse, and equally we’re very much keen to see Felipe back in an F1 car after last year’s horrific accident.

Finally! Alonso in Ferrari gear (click to make it larger)
back in the car (of sorts) - click for a larger image
Giancarlo was there too... as the third driver

How exciting – and there will be plenty more photos of the new cars, liveries and drivers in their new outfits over the next few weeks.  Ferrari win a Badger salute for the location of this shoot though – impressive.