Here it is folks, the 2011 season can be said to be underway – it’s the first car launch and wow, what a machine… it’s red and looks very much like last year’s car, at least to the untrained eye.

It’s also possible that, a la Red Bull, that they’ve left some clever bits off the car for the launch, just to keep things underwraps, so to speak (there’s also a theory that that’s why McLaren are missing the first test)

Anyway, here’s the first few pictures from Maranello:

More details of the all new F150 to follow later today…

As for the others – there’s a flurry of car launches due next week, albeit rather low-key in comparison, right from the pit lane at the Valencia test track – stay tuned for those.  Marussia Virgin’s car will be launch here in London on Feb 7th, the Monday after McLaren’s launch on Friday 4th February in Berlin.  Then to round things off the Team Lotus car will be launch on Feb 12th, also in London – all three of which Badger will be tweeting live from – so follow @BadgerGP for the latest updates.