Maranello, Thursday: Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has announced Ferrari’s plans to change the shape of Formula One in 2010, beginning with permitting teams to use more cars than the current two permitted by the regulations.

Dream: Everyones 2010 car, potentially
Dream: Everyone's 2010 car, potentially

Montezemolo apparently wants his team to fill all 26 of the available grid slots next season, in order to provide seats for all of the drivers the marque has contracted for next year, as well as “preserving the integrity and heritage” of Formula One.

Ferrari has in the past been scathing about the new entries poised to take to the grid next season, arguing that the presence of actual racing teams like Campos and Manor Motorsport detracts from the mystique of F1, which has historically been based on the periodic cutting and running of major car manufacturers like BMW and Honda.

“Having a grid composed only of Ferraris will restore F1 to its former glory by getting rid of all of these irritating nobodies who keep beating us this season,” Montezemolo revealed. “Furthermore, the importance of team play will be reflected much better if we have more cars.” The Italian brushed away criticism of this last fact, pointing out, “Well, it works in the DTM, doesn’t it?”

Ferrari is believed to have signed Fernando Alonso for next season, as well as having existing contracts with Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. Michael “No-Neck” Schumacher has also been linked with the Scuderia next year, after a comeback for the European Grand Prix was cancelled due to injury.

“This is easily the best solution,” Montezemolo continued. “As well as all of the previous benefits, it also means that McLaren can finally serve that ban they weren’t given for Spygate.”

A statement from the FIA dismissed Ferrari’s suggestions as “rubbish,” while a dejected Montezemolo was last seen scouring the Ferrari factory for spare televisions.