Wow. Today wasn’t meant to go that way, was it?

A Red Bull not only completing a lap, but doing it quickly, three World Champions out in Q2, and the ugly head of rain rearing it’s head Down Under. ALL of which could, ultimately, prove useless come tomorrow.

So what should we be looking out for, or even expecting come race day? Well, here’s a list of 5 factors we dare to predict…

Rain. MORE rain.

It’s a game changer in any sport (well, outdoor sport), but in Formula One it is the daddy of all curveballs.

With fuel consumption at the height of concern for the teams, who’s to say that the addition of rain-induced wheelspin could yet add more spanners in the works?

Photo: Ferrari Media
Photo: Ferrari Media


It’s just a thought, but it’s an unwelcome addition amongst the usual fears of crashes, wrong tyre calls, crashes and poor driver visibility. And crashes.

The Williams Revival. Could it be?

Okay, granted, Williams’ qualifying performance was below par compared to the promise they showed coming out of pre-season testing. Was it down to all the rain?

Well, we’d like to think that it was, because come tomorrow a strong, potential podium performance from the Martini-splattered cars could just be one of the most popular results of the 21st Century.

Smiley Dan the Hometown Hero

He stunned everyone today in the qualifying, beating his [four time World Champion] teammate by a clear ten places on the grid, taking it to Mercedes, and allowing us at home to actually hear the crowd cheering over the new-for-2014 engines. Which, as quiet as they may be, is still impressive.

But what of raceday? As we’ll stumble across in just a minute, much of it comes down to whether Renault can deliver enough clout and fuel effieciency over the course of 60 laps.

But, currently, Australia can dare to dream…

Photo: Red Bull Racing Media
Photo: Red Bull Racing Media

Renault? Or Ren-faux?

Let’s just take a moment to enjoy that tagline, shall we?


The French engine powertrain manufacturer has been the talk of F1 2014 thus far, and tomorrow they get the chance to either sustain that further (to our widely held expectations), or nip it in the bud (which, we don’t expect, to be quite frank).

Reliability and fuel consumption issues, coupled with the same problems with the ERS systems, are all lingering over their heads, and will do until the flag drops tomorrow.

In fact, they’ll only disappear when the 6 Renault-powered cars finish. Or stop. Whatever comes first.

The Impressive K-Mag – Will History Repeat Itself?

Seven years ago, a certain Mr. L. Hamilton made his debut for a little known-team called McLaren. He went on to start his first race 4th, and finish an even more impressive 3rd without breaking a sweat.

Tomorrow, also starting a brilliant 4th, Kevin Magnussen has a real shot at repeating that feat.

He’s looked calm, quick, and consistent, and also has the benefit of a Mercedes powertrain. If the Renault lives up to expectations, he could be the main threat to the German works team as the race unfolds.

No pressure for your first race Kevin.

Photo: McLaren Mercedes Media
Photo: McLaren Mercedes Media