Step aside Oktoberfest – one of the biggest events on the calendar is set to return to the Upper Rhine valley region this weekend.

That’s right, the German Grand Prix is back on the Formula 1 calendar in 2018 and I’m taking the opportunity to put my German lessons to good use.

So, if you’re on your way to the Hockenheinring circuit or watching all the action from the comfort of your home then here are five essential German F1 phrases you can learn.

How to ask who’s your money on for the win:

Was glauben Sie, wer wird den Großen Preis gewinnen?

A question that almost every TV pundit asks at the start of every race, but remember to only ask if you’re prepared to hear the answer! In my household, we support different teams and drivers and it’s always an interesting discussion when the race doesn’t quite go according to plan.

How to say its lights out at the Hockenheimring:

Das Rennen beginnt am Hockenheimring!

In another nod to your inner F1 commentator, this is an essential phrase you need to learn to kick start race day and just so you’re not late, the race starts on Sunday at 14:10 BST.

How to ask if that’s Romain Grosjean in the wall (again):

Ist Romain Grosjean etwa wieder gegen die Mauer gefahren?

By his own admission, Romain Grosjean hasn’t had the best start to the 2018 season and let’s face it everyone’s a critic when it comes to a driver’s performance, but of course, you can replace the Frenchman with other names. Lance Stroll and Brendon Hartley who have both had difficult seasons, too.

How to cheers in German:


When Lewis Hamilton (hopefully!) returns the favour to his main championship rival Sebastien Vettel by winning the German’s home race after the comeback drive of the season at the British Grand Prix, we can raise our drinks, bang our steins and shout Prost!

How to cheat and speak in English:

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Don’t forget if all else fails then simply speak in English because at least half the German population speaks it.

Remember to let us know how you get on with learning these phrases, but before you get started I want to give a shout out to Anni who reviewed my rusty German grammar!