Silly season is currently in full swing and the driver on everyone’s radar is the fans’ favourite Daniel Ricciardo. The question on everyone’s lips is whether he will stay put at Red Bull?

He could pack his bags and head off to Ferrari or even surprise everyone and start afresh somewhere else.

Fern Lock gives us five reasons why Ricciardo should put pen to paper and sign that contract extension with Red Bull.

Who wants to be a number two driver anyway?

Let’s face it – if Daniel Ricciardo moved to Ferrari or Mercedes he would be classed as a number two driver. Why would he want to sit in someone else’s shadow, especially Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel, when the reason he’s there in the first place is to win?

This season Ricciardo has certainly upped his game and proven why he deserves to be classed as a number one driver.

Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Max Verstappen hasn’t exactly helped himself either this season with a plethora of mistakes. Ricciardo has outclassed him completely. Red Bull have always suggested that their drivers are equal but that isn’t always the case.

If he keeps on producing the results, then we may see team orders come into play during the latter part of the season in favour of the Aussie driver, making him technically in the number one seat.

Bid farewell to the Shoey

This has become a trademarked podium tradition for Ricciardo, it may be a revolting concept but the shoey is the perfect way to celebrate a win.

Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

If he made the move to Ferrari the thought of drinking from a shoe could be frowned upon. The team is a rather old-school one and, dare I say it, the drivers are usually kept in line.

Why risk losing out on this tradition when you can stay at Red Bull?

The name’s Ricciardo, Daniel Ricciardo

The title partnership between Red Bull and the luxury sports car manufacturer certainly has its perks. Who doesn’t like the idea of donning the James Bond look and cruising around in an Aston Martin?

Ricciardo not only gets the pleasure of pulling up to work in one of these beauties, he’s also had the chance to graffiti one during a media day in the build-up to his home race.

Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

In this unusual event, he was given permission to spray paint his driver number on a vehicle worth more than most people earn in a year, how awesome is that?

Verstappen would lose his big brother

This season, more than ever, Ricciardo has been the perfect role model for his teammate Max Verstappen. If the Australian was to leave, who would fill his shoes in the role of Big Brother?

Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

Verstappen still has a lot to learn and has a proven record of making mistakes. But it’s always great to have a mentor within the team and working alongside the experienced driver can only be a good thing.

Little brothers can be a pain in the neck but Ricciardo knows exactly how to hold himself in these situations. The battles on track can get a little scrappy at times, like at this year’s race in Baku, but at the end of the day, they do actually make a great team.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner

There’s a possibility Ricciardo could be crowned world champion at the end of this season. With performances like China and Monaco then I believe he can finish ahead of his rivals Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Image: Getty Images/Red Bull Content Pool

He’s finally in a position where his car is capable of winning a world championship, so why move on when he has just as much chance in a team he’s built up a relationship with over the years? Watch this space, because I believe the best is yet to come for Ricciardo and the team.

My personal prediction is that he knows the grass isn’t always greener and he’ll stay for another year. There’s still chance he could make the surprise move elsewhere, but I hope he’ll make the right decision and end all the silly season rumours soon.

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