Formula 1 – fast cars, glamour and money – that’s how many people sum up the sport. I can quite easily add (lack of) money, inappropriately dressed women, rich idiots, silly old men, self-interest, and lots of more, but one crucial thing is missing from this.


Yes, beards. Or facial hair in general. It has a rich history in Formula 1 since the sport’s inception over half a century ago. Even today in 2015 there are some fine examples of face fungus. What better time than now, before the lap times start to mean anything, than to turn our attention to F1’s other side of glamour.

Fernando Alonso

The double (should be triple) World Champion may not have won a race for a while now, but he’s miles ahead when it comes to facial hair in F1 with other drivers yet to hit puberty.

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Jenson Button

A close second in the current grid is Jenson Button and his ever-changing subtle designer stubble. While some men look lazy with stubble, Jenson just looks good.

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Harald Ertl

Now, time to head back in time to when beards were proper beards and PR companies didn’t restrict the size of a moustache. Introducing the king of facial hair in Formula 1. Maybe.

Keke Rosberg

If you’re not a big history buff, you’ll have heard of the younger, Nico Rosberg who wouldn’t ever make it into a list like this with his fresh face image. His father on the other hand, was a different matter with a terrific ‘tash.

Nick Heidfeld

When did Nick last win a grand prix? Never. That’s right, after more than 180 starts in F1, including racing for the like of Williams, Sauber, BMW, Lotus, Prost and Jordan, his best result was 2nd. Not to worry too much though, he’s widely regarded as having some of the best beards in recent F1 history.

Mark Webber

Yes, the lovely Aussie, while he rivalled Jenson Button for ‘Best Stubble’, during his time out he had some impressive beard results, with more fur than his cat. Really.

Webber cat

Nigel Mansell

Sticking with peoples heroes, there’s good ol’ Nige. Known as ‘that brummie driver’ by some, the ’92 champion by others and by many Japanese F1 fans, ‘the moustached one’ – yes, really. As recently as 2014 you could buy a ‘Mansell Moustache’ at Suzuka over the F1 weekend. Madness, brilliant madness.

John Watson

Ah, the 1970s – an era where beards ruled and John Watson lead the way. Good lad.

Graham Hill

A far cry from his World Champion son, Graham won the championship twice and while Damon barely had a hint of facial bum-fluff during his career, Hill Snr looked super cool and I think he knew it too. No other man can pull off the comic-like skinny number like Hill.

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Emerson Fittipaldi

Beards is the topic of this article. I opted to include moustaches, but sideburns? No. Except this man who made them his trademark and has set a standard that’s never been met since. Good work Emmo, you legend.

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Daniel Ricciardo

Back to modern day for a minute, man of the moment, fastest man on Top Gear, is Daniel Ricciardo who while his smile usually out classes any beard, had some fun around the USA Grand Prix last year and even treated us to a photo via Instagram.

Danny Ric BEARD

Clay Regazzoni

The best Swiss beard in F1? Yes, for sure.

Lewis Hamilton

Is it a beard, I doubt the likes of Harald Ertl would think so, but in these modern times, this skinny hint of facial hair is in fact a beard. Approve? The jury’s out.

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Sebastian Vettel

The German wonderkid tried to out-beard and out-race Daniel Ricciardo, but ended up losing on both counts 2014.

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Over to you…

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