If you have one of the popular smart phone devices such as an Apple iPhone, Blackberry or and Android phone, you can get the 2011 live timing app for free.

More information about the application can be found here F1.com Live Timing App or you can download it from your mobile device’s app store (or whatever it’s called on your device).

The application allows you to follow the lap times, split times and sector times during practice, qualifying and the race itself.  Thanks to involvement from Vodafone, the app is free to all and Badger strongly suggests you download it now, it’s brilliant.

Image from F1.com

There’s also an F1 Timing app which offers 3D views of the circuits, complete with GPS powered positioning data for every car, which allows you to actually see the gaps between cars and what have you.  It’s a stunning bit of programming and works beatifully.  The only downside is that it’s not free – in fact it’s £19.99 – iPhone version here and Android version here – now, £20 isn’t cheap in the world of mobile apps, but it really is worth it and hey, it works out at just over £1 per race, not bad at all.

If you don’t want to splash out though, the free live timing app produced by F1.com and Vodafone is still a great addition to your F1 viewing experience on telly or at the track.