With the two Friday practice sessions complete, the Australian Grand Prix weekend is already more exciting than the season-opener in Bahrain.  Phew

Robert Kubica topped the timesheets in the first practice, which firmly underlines the impressive Renault pace – read more about the first session here.

As for the second session, it was a classic Melbourne session with the ‘4 seasons in a day’ weather system playing havoc and making the track soaking wet and couple of times during the 90 minutes.  This second session had both McLaren drivers firmly heading off the top of the timesheet – living up to their promise ahead of this weekends race.

The Ferrari drivers haven’t really approached the top times as yet, but don’t worry if you’re a red fan, they are just so confident of their pace that the team are taking it easy and concentrating on heavy fuel runs.

Mercedes continue to prove that they are one of the ‘big four’ this year with Rosberg performing well in first practice and Schumacher flying in second practice.

Mark Webber gave his Aussie home fans something to cheer for with a solid third best time for second practice while Vettel continues to be impressive.

It really is tricky to drawn any solid conclusions from second practice with the track conditions being so changeable, but if these conditions make an appearance on Saturday or Sunday then it will definitely shake things up a bit… no scrub that, it will shake things up a lot.

So without further ado, here are the time sheets from so far from down under:

Michael Schumacher was looking ominously quick on the timesheets in second practice before the rain came down again – he missed having a run on a dry track and was left to do his best time on a damp/drying track which slows down all drivers, even the seven time champion.

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