German GP Driver Press Conference - Photo:
German GP Driver Press Conference – Photo:

The value of the Thursday driver press conference is debatable. The drivers do not give the impression of wanting to be there and their answers are never really give us much, often sanitised, PR friendly answers.

To be fair, the questions from the journalists are not that much better, the follow the same pattern usually every time, with a few local journalists asking questions relevant to the home market.

I’ve never been in that position, so maybe there are (unwritten) rules that are followed about the sameness of the questions, but listening to the British #FOTAForum last week, the questions from the fans were a lot more interesting. So, given those parameters, was there anything interesting said?

  • Ricciardo will keep pushing and working hard to try for the Red Bull seat next year. An unsurprising answer, nothing else he could have said. Vettel later also completely dodged the question, saying it was down the team. As Ricciardo was sitting next to him, it would of course be nice to have him in the team next year. But he’d say the same to Kimi if he was sitting next to him
  • Sutil thinks that the Force India is almost the 4th fastest team. So he means 5th fastest then?
  • Rosberg is enjoying winning (really? what a surprise!) His ambition for the rest of the season is just to keep annoying Vettel by finishing in front of him
  • Everyone agrees that the tyres need to be safe and the drivers need to feel safe.
  • Hulkenberg has no comment on allegedly not being paid, but assures everyone that the team are working on the funding
  • Vettel feels no extra pressure on trying to win in Germany as his home race, or even trying to win in July, something he’s never managed to do

Interesting? Not really. Nothing to surprise you, nothing that was not already out there. There’s always the hope that next time will be different!

But if you have had enough of reading about previews and press conferences, try some of these different articles that we’ve found today.

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