Every Wednesday afternoon we run our weekly debate column “The Scrutineering Bay”.  Usually we pick a topic and three or four Badger writers get out their quills, parchment and ink and throw their thoughts into the mix.

Over the last few weeks we’ve offered you, our lovely readers, the chance to get involved. We don’t think we’re lying when we say it’s been loads of fun, with many of you sending in contributions about Kimi and Williams, the battle for supremacy at McLaren and whether we’ll ever see ‘Quick Nick’ Heidfeld again

This week we’re doing it again and YOU can get involved – and here’s how:

  • Let us know your thoughts, in no more than 250 words, on the following question;

“Would Lewis be beating Sebastian if both were at Red Bull?”

Photo Credit: Sutton Images
  • Make it as funny and as amusing if you like – it’s up to you how you approach it, whether it be a picture, poem, or something else entirely. Remember, it’s your answer! (Note: Benson Jammichello will love you forever if you submit it in Haiku)
  • Send us your contribution via email to debate@badgergp.com
  • Include your Twitter handle if you have one, as well as where in the world you’re from.
  • Make sure to send us your completed piece before 11pm on Tuesday 4th October. We’ll then pick our favourites and include them in the article on Wednesday, where thousands of other F1 fans will doubtless read and enjoy your contribution.

So what are you waiting for? YOU could be on BadgerGP.com!

Happy writing!