Every Wednesday afternoon we run our weekly debate column “The Scrutineering Bay” where we pick a topic or question and 3 or 4 Badger writers throw their thoughts and arguments into the mix.

This week we’re offering you, the readers a chance to get involved – here’s how:

  • This week’s question: “Does Lewis Hamilton need to calm down?”
  • Compile your thoughts and put together your answer to the question in no more than 250 words.
  • Include a diagram/image if you wish
  • Make it amusing if you like – it’s up to you how you approach the task
  • Send us your argument via email to debate@badgergp.com
  • Include your Twitter handle if you have one and let us know from where in the world you’re from!

Send us your completed piece before 11pm today BST and we’ll pick our favourite and include them in the article tomorrow on BadgerGP.com where thousands of other F1 fans will enjoy your contribution too.   

Get writing!