So this weekend it’s the United States Grand Prix for Formula 1 and as if that wasn’t enough excitement already, it’s also the first round of the new Formula E season too.

The electric racing series had a great first year and we’re proper excited to see it back in action already. To celebrate, Badger GP has launched a new Fantasy Formula E game, aka FFE where you can create your own Formula E team, score points relative to the actual races and score bonus points with predictions too.

Play Now

It’s free to play, loads of fun and makes following Formula E even more enjoyable. Round 1 is on Saturday 24th October, so get your team registered now!


Full details and rules etc:

What is it?

Fantasy Formula E (FFE) is a fun way to get more involved with the brilliant electric racing series. You can create your own FFE team, choosing 1 car and 2 drivers and you score points relative to how they do in the ePrix races.

You can also predict the podium, pole position and fastest lap along with the number of safety cars and score additional points for correct predictions.

How to play

Visit Fantasy Formula E and select your car, your two drivers and give your team a name. You’ll need to login to Badger GP first – you can login using Facebook, Twitter, Google or your own Badger GP account. You can then set your predictions for the next race. After each ePrix, points are calculated and awarded to all the teams.

You’re entered into the FFE World Championship to play against fans from across the world and you can also create mini-leagues (known as friends leagues) so you can play against a smaller group of people and battle it out through each of the rounds of the 2015/2016 season.


Your selected car and two drivers will score points relative to the race results. If you have Virgin and they score a 1-2 victory then you’ll earn a massive 43 (25 + 18) points. If you have the two Virgin drivers you’ll get another 43 points too. But you can have any combination of car and drivers – it’s completely up to you. There isn’t a budget cap for Formula E, so you can have any combination of car and drivers you like!

Drivers also score bonus points – for each position they improve from their starting grid place to the finish line, they receive 3 bonus points – so if you have Jacques Villeneuve in your team and he starts 10th and finishes 1st, that’s a 9 place improvement and 27 bonus points (plus another 25 for the win, so 52 in total!). Cars do not score bonus points, just drivers.

For each of your correct predictions you also score 10 bonus points, and if you predict the podium completely correctly then you’ll get a further 20 points bonus. So correctly predicting 1,2,3 for the race could mean 50 bonus points in total.

Championship & Mini Leagues

The World Championship consists of players from across the world and all players are automatically entered into it. You can also create mini leagues for you and your friends – simply head to ‘Friends’ and click to create a new league. Your new league will be given an access code (6 digits) which others can then use to join your league. To join a league, select it from the list and enter the access code.

The first ePrix in China is a treated as a test round – to give everyone a chance to see how the game works and before round 2, points will be reset to zero. Then from round 2 onwards, all points will count towards the championship.


We’re busy finalising prizes and these will be announced before round 2 of the 2015 / 2016 season. They’ll be good though, I can tell you that.