Once again for 2016, if you want to enjoy every F1 Grand Prix live on telly, you’re going to need to have Sky TV and the Sky F1 channel. Channel 4 has 10 races live, the rest will be highlights.

If you are considering having Sky for the Formula 1 season this year read on and act quickly!

Save 33% on Sky F1 Today

For the next 7 days there’s a rather special deal where you can save 33% on your subscription for the whole year. To put it another way, you could save over £180, making your subscription for the year just 365.76, or a £1 a day, instead of the usual £546 price tag.

How? Just visit the Sky website and sign up here, just make sure you do it now!
http://www.sky.com/shop/offers/12months/30 – Available 22nd to 28th January 2016

You’ll get the usual free installation, a Sky+HD box and also a £25 gift card to treat yourself. Not bad eh? It’s not just the F1 either, you’ll get the Golf, Footy those other sports that exist besides F1.

Oh and if you’re still not tempted, Sky are also offering Sky Broadband unlimited for free for 12 months, so that’s another £120 saving. You’re almost making money. And getting great TV, the best catchup service out there and Sky Go for your mobile and laptop devices. Sweet!

Just make sure you get signed up before January 28th, after that it’s all back to the regular price.

The Numbers

Sky TV Package with Sky Sports (including the F1 channel)

  • Normal price for 12 months: £546
  • Special price right now: £365.76
  • Saving: £180.24

Same as the above, with Sky Broadband unlimited (phone and Internet)

  • Normal price for 12 months: £666
  • Special price right now: £365.76 (the internet and phone is free!)
  • Saving £300.24

With the Sky Broadband Unlimited you’ll also need to pay the normal BT Line Rental which is around £17 per month, but that’s normal anyway.

Don’t want Sky but want Sky F1?

Ok, so maybe you’re not too fussed about the idea of committing for a year, even with these savings – in that case you’ll be interested in the NowTV offering from Sky where you can pay for a day, weekend or month Sports Pass – the good news is that right now there’s 10% off all NowTV Sports Passes – claim the offer below.

10% NowTV Day Pass

10% NowTV Week Pass
10% NowTV Month Pass

Don’t worry, Badger GP isn’t going to turn into another MoneySavingExpert website, but deals like this for F1 viewing don’t come around too often! Do note that if you use the links above and sign up to Sky, Badger GP receives a small commission for the referral, that’s just how these things work, but we’re up front about it and only promote such offers when we genuinely spot a good deal. All the full terms and conditions are on the Sky pages via the links on this page, do check them before signing up, Badger GP doesn’t take any responsibility for your purchase from Sky – we just hope you enjoy it and save yourself plenty of cash!

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