There are hundreds, if not thousands (we lost count) of great little Formula 1 related apps out there for your Apple and Android devices including some of our top favourites – the F1 2012 official app, expensive, but it’s completely worth it for £1 per race and then there’s the great F1 Minute bitesize news app by the clever folk at Sidepodcast.

It’s only now though that one of the teams has finally got around to embracing the world of apps… and who do you think would be out there and edgy enough to do that – yes of course, it’s Red Bull – the incredible drinks company that’s involved in everything from DJing, to cycling, to flying homemade planes into rivers, and now they’ve taken their more than well established presence at the top of F1 and put themselves out there in to the world of apps – the first F1 team to do so (properly at least), good work chaps.

The app is called the Red Bull Racing Spy, in tune with their popular Twitter account @RedBullF1Spy and by all accounts it a rather smart app.  For starters it’s free, which is always a good thing, there’s no adverts either, besides it being a Red Bull promo tool of course.

As for the content, it allows you to do a whole host of things…

“if you want to know what’s going on in the Paddock, in the pitlane or on the track, then you need to download the app – it’s essential for those who want more factual information than the average spectator, as well as for F1 fans who secretly love a bit of grand prix insider info and behind-the-scenes access.

And, should the Spy miss something out, you get the chance to quiz him; ask anything F1-related or lay down a challenge and see the responses in the feed.

The Red Bull Racing Spy will also bring you the information you’d expect from any self-respecting F1 app including track positioning, race facts and figures, Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championship standings and a full Formula One race calendar.”

And for those that want quick facts, here’s the features of the app in a nice bulleted list:

  • Real time text commentary from Red Bull (sarcasm, wit and humour added in free of charge)
  • Photos direct from the paddock
  • Interact with ‘the spy’ and ask questions
  • Race facts and figures (some hilarious, ridiculous but a lot of fun!)
  • A full race calendar that syncs with your phone
  • Access to the Red Bull Racing Grand Prix diary
  • Championship standings
  • Full race results

So all in all it’s a great little app.  If you’re an F1 nut you’ve probably got too much to look at already, what with the live timing, tv feeds, additional cameras and of course Twitter all going on, but if you’re more of a casual fan, or watch the racing from a pub then this app really will benefit your viewing experience, making you laugh and smile too – which is always a bonus!  Get involved via the iTunes store now.  Or if you if it’s not for you, we definitely recommend you follow the @RedBullF1Spy on Twitter.

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