So, you’ve heard that Formula One is back for 2010 and you’re looking to watch it this Sunday afternoon, from the comfort of your armchair?  You would probably benefit from knowing a few things first, so here’s Badger’s no nonsense guide to this weekend’s action.

It’s the first race of the season and therefore it’s largely a voyage into the unknown – i.e. no one really knows just how fast or slow everyone else is and whether their new cars are as quick as they hope when sharing the tarmac with everyone else.

We’ll know more after qualifying, but nothing for sure until after the main event on Sunday.  Speaking of which, when’s all this on your telly box?  If you’re in the UK then you’ll be able to catch the coverage on BBC One TV, BBC 5 Live on the radio and also online via the BBC website at the follow times:

  • Friday Practice: 7 – 830am and 11 – 12.30pm (web and red button only)
  • Saturday Practice: 8am (web and red button only)
  • Qualifying: Saturday, coverage from 10.10am, session begins at 11am
  • Grand Prix: Sunday, coverage from 11.10am, lights out at midday

If you’re watching on tv with BBC then you can press the red button at any time for additional options for commentary – try 5 Live Radio coverage maybe or even CBBC do commentary for some of the races – crazy, but it’s true and rather good.

As well as the footage, it’s very useful to have the live timings, direct from the pit wall – just like the teams do.  It’s all really simple to get, just head to and click ‘Live Timing’ – register and then you’re go go go for all sessions over the race weekend – classic.  If you have an iPhone and £20 then the official F1 iPhone timing app is superb too.

Now you’ve got the telly box times sorted, you may want to know where the race is being held – well it’s in Bahrain, at the Sakhir circuit, which is in the middle of desert and stupidly hot.  The track itself is a fairly modern one, but well received by the drivers.  You can see the track diagram, along with all the others on our aptly named Tracks page or get the full guide to it here: A Lap of Bahrain

More importantly, you’re going to want to know who’s who on the race track, with plenty of driver changes and few new teams, the 2010 line up is pretty different to last year.  You can see the full line up on our Cars & Drivers page and if you fancy a printed guide to who’s driving what then download our complete 2010 Grand Prix Guide.

For some further reading you can check out our full length features on the drivers contending for the Champioship title here: Contenders Ready! – Part 1 and then Contenders Ready! – Part 2 as well as each and every team previewed in full, as well as every single driver then see article here in our 2010 Preview – it’s exhaustive to say the least.

If you’re reading this before qualifying and feel inclined to get even more involved in the Bahrain Grand Prix, without leaving your armchair then why not sign up to Badger’s Fantasy Grand Prix game?  It’s free to sign up and play and there are prizes to be won.  The Fantasy Grand Prix of Bahrain is sponsored by Henri Lloyd and they’ll be giving away prizes in the form of  a print of the 2009 BrawnGP car, signed by Ross Brawn and also the top 50 finishers each receive a BrawnGP cap.  Not bad at all eh?  Logon to FantasyGP now and setup your team – it adds a whole new fun dimension to watching the race come Sunday afternoon…

Have we missed anything – if so, use the comments below.  All that’s left to say is, roll on the 2010 season and enjoy Bahrain Grand Prix weekend everybody…