This week’s Grand Prix POP – Podium or Pits is brought to you exclusively by Ant Hot Wheels, one of Badger’s guest contributors – he’ll be covering Tess Tarossa’s column while she’s off having a break

PODIUM: ‘Baby you can drive my car’

Trawling through the F1 archives we nearly laughed our mop tops off when we rediscovered this dusty ol’ picture of Graham Hill (the tached one) and Jim Clark (see picture below) complete with guitars modelled out of some old wedding cake that was lying around. They certainly showed themselves to be good sports in this send up of the original ‘Fab 4’

PITS: Bad (Schu) Dawg!

Mr Punch, aka Michael Schumacher , the pantomime villain of Formula 1 is back to his old tricks as he attempted to barge his old no.2 into the concrete wall in what would have been a ‘Barricello sandwich’! Despite escaping a fine, he will be docked 10 grid places (so he will no doubt be starting at the back of the class)

We at Badger HQ (the Sett) feel he should be forced to drive the parade lap in a ‘Wienermobile’ (see picture below) minus the branding, before pitting to transfer to ‘My other cars a Mercedes’. The ‘Wienermobile’ was designed by Oscar Mayer as the world’s first air conditioned Hotdog complete with working headlights. “Pass the mustard Michael!”

PODIUM: Howzat!

Well caught that man the Sauber mechanic caught Rosberg’s spinning wheel in a wicket-keeper stylee. Can we look forward to future Sports crossovers! “Anyone for Formula 1 tennis?”

PITS: Wingin’ it

The FIA have decided to vamp up their deflection tests from the next race in Belgium. Badger understands the FIA has activated Article 3.17.8 of F1’s technical regulations which allows it to increase load deflection tests at any point to prevent teams being able to run flexible wings. Currently the end plates on the front wing are allowed to flex by a maximum of 10mm when a load of 50 Kilogram (500 Newtons) is applied to them.

Hope your taking notes fact fans! – Tape measures at the ready!

Obviously many of the teams feel that Red Bull have a distinct unfair advantage but we think it’s a case of sour grapes but more likely a case of under development. Keep burning that ‘midnight oi’l boys! To quote that famous line from the drinks company’s successful adverting campaign: “Red Bull gives you wings!”

PODIUM: Team Fastfood India

‘Hungary ‘for a finish at the last Sundays Grand Prix – Hispania Racing driver – Karun Chandhok revealed that his favourite dish was, no not Goulash but surprisingly a good old fashioned curry. After a busy race weekend he likes nothing more than to treat his team to a ‘slapup’ feast at his local restaurant ‘The Khusboo’

The Chef’s recommendation is the ‘Karun special’ named in his racing honour – A Chicken Bhuna in disguise no less.

PITS: Stockcar Smashup!

For those of you who witnessed the pit collision between Kubica and Sutil, when the Lollipop man accidentally released the Renault into the path of the Force India, fond memories might have come flooding back the classic 1970/80’s toy ‘Stockcar Smash ups’ Basically the set contained two ‘bangers’; one a VW Beetle and the other a Ford Pickup truck.

Each had a toothed plastic strap that was yanked through the car roof. This ‘revved-up’ the cars before they would be sent smashin’ into into each other. ‘Yeah Haw!’ They then could be reassembled before being launched once again into each other. A constant car crash = hours of fun. Made by the US toy company Kenner the product strap line was ‘Crash’em apart snap ‘em together’ Hmm if there’s anyone reading in their marketing department if ever there was a chance for a product relaunch than bring on ‘Pit Lane Smashup!’