POP is back with our weekly look at what has (and hasn’t) been going on in F1

PODIUM – We’re All going On a summer Holiday…
(“no more Grand Prix races for 3 weeks or 2”)  – Blowing off the sands of time we discovered this pic in the archives nestled amongst the wooden buckets and spades…The ‘Stewarts’, the ‘Mosses’ and the ‘McLaren’s can be seen taking a relaxing vacation on the artificial beach in Monaco in the 1960’s.  Socks matched with PVC slippers (a home from home creature comfort – obligatory!

This posed the question; What are the current Grand Prix stars / pasty pole sitters up to? – We sent our coolly disguised Badger Beach Bum decked out in regulation ‘Raybans’ to investigate!  Championship leader Mark Webber is spending part of his break in the south of France while his team mate Sebastian Vettel is has got himself a couple of summer jobs in his local village shop stacking cans of sauerkraut at Spa as well as a cheeky night shift as a petrol pump attendant (are you sure about this Badger – night goggles on?)  Fernando Alonso in between adverting shoots (see below) is splitting his time off between current country of residence Switzerland and his home nation Spain with a spot of bull fighting to kill the time.  His Ferrari team mate Felipe Massa has returned to Sao Paulo joined by fellow tidily wink player Williams Rubens Barrichello.

Nico Hulkenberg has holed himself up with a holiday fling (unknown name – but she is rumoured to be a Polizei woman)  Jenson Button – Knotted hankie on head has stayed on in Guernsey for paddling, a well known treatment for sore tootsies following his recent triathlon triumph.  Robert Kubica – has gone on a snorkeling holiday – not really; apparently he’s scared of water the big wuss!

ok, so there’s been little news in terms of F1 drivers of late, – if you were an F1 driver what would you do with 3 weeks off?

PODIUM – F1 Fun and Games
The all-new F1 game for PS3, Xbox and PC is out on the shelves on Sep 24th. It features all the 2010 line-up; and in high pitched broken Geek speak looks ‘totally awesome dude’

For more info check out the article we ran back in March and here’s a good preview of it now:

As you can see it is a million miles/laps away from some of the original F1 video games.  ‘Pole Position’ released in 1982 pioneered ‘the rear view racer format’ where by the players view is behind the car with the horizon in sight – setting a standard for future racing games. In this game the player / driver completes a trial lap within a certain time to qualify for an F1 race at the Fuji racetrack. Having qualified the player has to ‘pixel’ their way past other drivers in the race itself. Interestingly the game was an early example of product placement with billboards around the track advertising actual companies Marlboro fags and Martini & Rossi booze! Film fans. Did you know ‘Pole Position’ was name checked in the 80’s adventure film ‘The Goonies’ In the attic when ‘Chunk’ and ‘Mikey’ discover an antique map, he exclaimed “1632…is that a year or something? To which ‘Mouth’ sarcastically replies “No, it’s your top score in Pole Position”

Still twiddling your thumbs? (well there is still over a week before the next race..)
Have a go at this – It’s hip to be square: Match the Drivers

PODIUM – Drive ‘em Part-ner!
F1 is all set for a grand return to America in 2012 – a good five years after it last raced at the giant ‘onion ringed’ shaped Indianapolis.

The new purpose built facility will based in Austin, the capital of Texas & 11th biggest global economy. Let’s hope there will be an all new all singing all dancing son of a gun’ all American racing driver by then.

Since Scott Speeds hasty departure from Toro Rosso, there have been none, or indeed an American team for that matter. The Charlotte based US F1 team failed to make the grid this year and fellow US outfit Cypher Group recently withdrew its bid for a 2011. Aw Shucks

PITS – Alonso smells!

It’s official. A Ferrari aftershave called ‘Scuderia’ (You would think it would be named ‘STUD U ARE’ what with the prancing horse logo and all that!) is being marketed on their website for 50 Euros!

But the big question is what does it smell like? Victory? a Ferrari? Petrol fumes? Alonso himself? or most likely – Controversy! Whatever the stink there has obviously been some serious ‘touching up’ going on in the Ferrari Photoshop department.

Mum you know what to get me for Christmas now! Checkout the advert on YouTube – Watch out for the spin-off deodorant range – ripe for the podium or (arm)pits selection!

PITS – The Bahrain Grand Prix will revert to its original track layout for the 2011
Big News! The 2010 race marked the 60th anniversary of formula One racing. However the track lengthening and new loop corners created an uneventful race. Hence the back track idea “It was important for us to celebrate this momentous occasion by doing something very different and unique’ stormed Sheikh Salman Isa Al Khilfa (Acting chief circuit executive)

Here at F1 badger HQ we suggest introducing ‘Scalextrtic’ style layouts and design your own ‘ultimate circuit’: It is particularly suited for people who like skillful and intricate driving mixed with sudden bursts of speed. You can also try experimenting with different settings for the hump bridge, skid chicane or change over’s to vary the intricacy of various sections of the circuit. Action packed drama on every lap. Spectacular crashes will result unless drivers take great care!! Take note fact fans
Suggested extension 2 – Add to basic layout:-

  • 1 Pair C 182 changeovers
  • 1x C 248 Hump bridge
  • 1x C178 Skid chicane
  • 1x C160 Straight D
  • 6x C151 Standard curves

PITS – Coffee Brakes.
In a recent interview Renault ace driver Robert Kubica revealed the things he really hates:

  • Cars which are difficult to drive (let’s hope there are major improvements in the pipeline for next year’s Renault F1 car),
  • traffic (stuck behind slower f1 cars),
  • milk (cows faces scare him),
  • butter (Flora margarine is fine)
  • people who are late (We’ll get back to you on this one..).

He does however like coffee (without milk and sucked up with a secret straw in his helmet) but not ‘Red bull’ – guess the strap line could be “Coffee (hopefully) gives you WINS!”