This week is a bit of a whistle-stop POP, for reasons that will be revealed very shortly… and if you can’t wait, checkout  the F1Badger twitter feed!

Even from the back seat Jenson tries to reach the clutch pedal!

PODIUM.  Jenson Button –

The reigning world champion has been relaxing between Valencia and Silverstone by doing a bit of partying in London town this week at the club Boujis.  Nice!

PODIUM.  Eddie Jordan –

Here at Badger, we’ve always liked Eddie Jordan – the voice of reason and all and this video shows just how much the loveable irish pundit is respected across the world:

PODIUM.  Lotus –

After the Kovalainen ‘Moving Bollard’ fiasco of Valencia, Lotus have turned things around this week to earn a podium!  They’ll be opening up their factory for tours in July and August!  It doesn’t come cheap at £80, but regardless it’s an amazing opportunity to get a glimpse of the ‘real’ F1. For bookings, please email the dedicated Lotus Racing Factory Tour booking service on


It’s not often a team makes a video that doesn’t seem like utter corporate fluff.  Trust POP, this one is the real deal:

PITS.  Sebastian Vettel –

POP heard a rumour from a little birdy that Vettel’s car names, Luscious Liz, Kate’s Dirty Sister, etc, are in fact from his, ahem, collection of naughty videos.  Lovely.  Can the readers suggest any better names from more moral sources?

PITS.  F1 Racing High Energy drinks –

Bernie is a busy man: so many places to go, so many deals, so many people to see, so many people to sue…  and now it’s the turn of the makers of an ‘F1’ branded energy drink.  POP hasn’t sampled the beverage itself, but is impressed by the can design which looks like a stack of F1 tyres.  Genius!

For bookings, please email the dedicated Lotus Racing Factory Tour booking service on