It’s Thursday!  Which means it’s time for your weekly dose of Formula 1 news courtesy of Podium or Pits, and this week Karun Chandhok is in the pits (literally)…

Karun delights the Silverstone crowd

PITS.  Karun Chandhok –

Bad bad HRT/Hispania team.  After putting the lacklustre Bruno Senna on the bench for the British grand prix in favour of Sakon Yamamoto, HRT have now decided to ‘pit’ the much-loved and brilliant Karun Chandhok for the race in Germany this weekend.  This isn’t musical chairs!  It’s Formula 1.

“Karun Chandhok is still part of the Hispania Racing, HRT F1 Team family

This is why we love Karun

and is likely to be in the car at some later races this season” said the team.  Just because Yamamoto managed to finish a race does not mean that Chandhok should be “demoted”.  Karun has finished 80% of his races which is impressive given the unreliability of the HRT car.  He even managed to finish 14th in both Australia and Monaco, which is only a few places short of the points.  POP is very seriously displeased with HRT.  Show your support for Karun by following him on Twitter by clicking here.

PODIUM.  Formula Student –

We all know that Formula 1 is all about innovation.  The successful teams in the sport are those which pump money and time into the development of their cars both mechanically and aero-dynamically.  So POP would like to applaud the organisers of Formula Student, an event which encourages teams from around the world to build their own competitive single seater car.  Ross Brawn is a patron of the event, and has long been supportive of nurturing engineering talent.

“Formula Student is a fantastic career opportunity […] I, for one and as its Patron, have been really inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm of these young people. They are the future” said Brawn of the initiative.

If you feel inspired to get involved then check out the Formula Student website for more details.

PODIUM.  Jacques Villeneuve –

You’ve got to hand it to the guy, he certainly doesn’t give up!  After unsuccessfully attempting a comeback this season as a driver with one of the new teams, Jacques the wannabe comeback-king is putting plans in place to run his own team.  It is unclear who exactly will be in the racing seats, or whether the team will even make it to the grid, but count on Villeneuve to never give up!  The team name is currently ‘Team Durango’, which sounds more like a dodgy Renault model than an F1 team.  But hey, it’s got to be better than ‘HRT’.

PODIUM.  Grand Prix Tycoon –

Ever fancied yourself as the next Christian Horner, Eddie Jordan, or Ron Dennis?  Or even the next Flavio Briatore?  Well now you can live the dream (millions, yachts and models not included).  Test your F1 team management skills on this free online Grand Prix Tycoon game.  POP is addicted!  Warning:  if you have a life, or a job, POP strongly advises that you to consider how important these are to you before this game inevitably takes over your life.  Click here to play!

PODIUM.  Brian May –

And the final Podium of the week goes to Brian May from the legendary band ‘Queen’.  Apparently Brian is a big fan of Badgers.  Who knew?  He’s such a big fan that he is using his pop-cult status to campaign against the culling of badgers.  This culls, I mean calls, for a special POP-tastic pun-off!  Don’t .. .stop … May … now!  Badgers will rock you!  He’s just a poor Badger from a poor family … ahem, anyway, click here to join Brian on his quest to save all the badgers of Britain!  And here he is with a special message to animal lovers everywhere.  Aww.

Thanks to Ant Hot Wheels for the tip-off about Brian May.