Welcome to Badger’s weekly (fun) F1 news round-up!  This week on the podium we’ve got Nick Heidfeld and Kimi Raikkonen, and in the pits it’s Karun Chandhok, Pedro de la Rosa, and the HRT mechanic…

Heidfeld: Nick of all trades

PODIUM.  Nick Heidfeld –

There simply isn’t enough of Nick Heidfeld to go around!  Demand this week has definitely outstripped supply of this extremely popular driver.  He can now count a multitude of roles on his CV: Pirelli test driver (the 2011 tyre supplier), Mercedes reserve/test driver, and now … Sauber actual real driver for the remainder of the season!  Phew.  It’s exhausting just saying all that.

Nick’s Mercedes commitments are likely to be stripped back substantially, but he will continue to fulfill his Pirelli role despite having the race seat as he tests for them in Jerez this week.

Not only that, but Nick became a dad a month ago … for the 3rd time!  Who knew?  The little baby boy was born on the 16th August as is called Justus.  Nick certainly is a busy man!

PITS.  Pedro de la Rosa –

If Nick Heidfeld got a seat at Sauber, then unfortunately that means it’s a ‘pits’ week for their driver Pedro de la Rosa (unless the FIA has allowed a 3 car team, but that seems doubtful).

Sorry Pedro, maybe 3rd time lucky in F1?

'Jarno' wine: Trulli delicious!

PITS.  Karun Chandhok –

Spare a thought for Karun Chandhok, a certified Badger favourite (if you don’t believe us, then click here.)  He’s an avid twitterer, all-round good guy, and an interesting chap too judging by his twitter feed.  So when this came up on Twitter, POP couldn’t help but get mightily incensed:

Chris goodwin and I have just been robbed outside restaurant… His passport, both laptops, cash…

To show your support for Chandhok, follow him by clicking here!  The only bit of good news, however, in Chandhok’s week was the delivery of some “Jarno” wine.  Jarno delivered some of his ‘trulli’ amazing vintage to Chandhok as an apology for their accident at Monaco.  Aww!

PODIUM.  Kimi Raikkonen –

If you’re a regular reader of Podium or Pits , then you cannot have escaped POP’s ballooning obsession with the ice-man Kimi Raikkonen.  Since he left F1 last year to go rallying for Red Bull, POP has been in the advanced stages of denial.  Of course he’s coming back to F1!

Similarly, POP has not (quite) yet given up hope of a return to F1 by Juan Pablo Montoya.  If Michael Schumacher did it, then anyone can.  Well, maybe not  Martin Brundle, but you get the idea.

Raikkonen, it is rumoured in the press, has approached the Renault team for a possible drive in 2011.  Rookie Vitaly Petrov looks unstable in his race seat, especially when you compare his performances this year with the supreme Robert Kubica.  Kubica has 108 points in the championship, whereas Petrov has, err, 19.  Enough said really.

PITS.  The HRT mechanic –

And finally, spare a thought for the poor HRT mechanic who was violently knocked over during a pit-stop at last weekend’s race at Monza.  He is still in hospital in Italy with a damaged rib and a bad concussion.  POP wishes him a speedy and safe recovery.