Eurgh, bored now … bring back the F1 already!  Thank goodness for Badger’s handy tips for surviving the F1 summer break, phew.  This week POP discovers that model Danica Patrick is moonlighting as a racing driver (oops, wrong way round!), Formula 1 will be back on the big screen in 2013, and Bernie gets called a “pimp”!

Danica Patrick: racing driver or model - who knows?

Danica Patrick – go girl!  A woman racing driver is a rare thing in the world of motorsport.  Sadly, though, Danica seems to think that her driving abilities are merely a handy way to gain access to the world of modelling and celebrity.  Much in the same way wannabe celebrities view “entertainment” shows such as Big Brother and The Apprentice as their sure-fire ticket to bling, stardom, and Mahiki queue jumping, Danica clearly believes the same of racing.  POP spotted Danica this morning on this, ahem, ‘modest’ poster on the London Underground – advertising for some company called ‘Go Daddy’.  Tut tut tut.*

Formula 1 at the cinema! After the superb ‘Senna’ documentary was released in cinemas this year to great reviews (POP’s film of the year!), Ron Howard

Ron Howard’s hilarious Simpsons appearance

has announced that he’s making a “fascinating, sizzling, sexy” film about Formula 1.  No, not about you Eddie Jordan!  Pipe down.  It’s going to be set in 1976, and centres around Niki Lauda and his championship battle with James Hunt (which explains the “sexy” part of Howard’s description).  Promising.  The script writer is the talented Peter Morgan, who wrote the brilliant Frost/Nixon.  Even more promising.  Even Niki Lauda himself has been involved!  Ok, POP’s sold on the idea.

Oh, apart from the title: ‘Rush’.  Veto!

POP’s amazing casting suggestions:

  • Niki Lauda = Michael Sheen – he was 6th on Top Gear’s 2nd Star in a Reasonably priced car leaderboard, so he’s quick and a good character actor
  • James Hunt = James Franco – same first name, same sex appeal (2nd choice is Rupert Penry-Jones)

Domenicali the lumberjack

And you thought Eddie Jordan’s shirts were bad.  In an interview with Ferrari TV, the Ferrari boss was sporting a pretty awful outfit, and revealed that Felipe Massa had only started to get back up to “his standards” in the last few races.  Ouch.  “I’m not a psychologist, but sure we had some difficult times at the beginning of the year” said Fernando Alonso in the same video on the website.  POP’s not a psychologist either, but what the hell is Alonso talking about?

Jenson Button – the recent race winner is in Hawaii on holiday with girlfriend Jessica.  Anywhere is better than ‘Looting London’ at the moment!

A wee bit of jet lag this morning here in Hawai’i but who cares when u have a view of the beautiful coastline and it’s 30 degrees!! 😉 – Jenson Button rubbing it in via Twitter

Ranting about Formula 1 – this is POP’s Curve Ball of the Week: an angry American called Alex Jones rants (and rants, and rants) about Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, Bernie’s daughter, the Government, taxes, socialists … anything and everything!

Go to 2 mins 59!!  (he calls Bernie “this creature”, “this pimp”, “this mobster” – priceless)

* At the risk of sounding like a disgruntled middle-aged cat lover (which POP is definitely not), POP would like to make clear that advertising for something actually related to Formula 1/motor-racing in some way would be acceptable.  However, wearing nothing apart from ‘slut shoes’ (that’s a technical fashion term, honest) in a poster which says ‘See it all at GODADDY.COM’ is not cool.