It’s Thursday and here at Badger that means it’s time for Grand Prix POP – aka Podium or Pits – where we look at who’s having a good and bad time of it in the world of F1 this week.

Due to other commitments, our regular POPist is out of the office, so we’ve come up with a couple of entries, but this week we’re leaving it up to you…

So who do you think is having a PODIUM week and who’s having PITS week?  Here are some suggestions, besides Nico Hulkenberg who’s definitely had a PITS end to his Jerez testing (whether he’s pulling a dance move here or not we’re unsure)

PODIUM – Ferrari PR : The passionate Italian team came with their guns blazing this week with this press release leaving no stone unturned on the path to slagging off every new team in the sport as well as Max Mosley.  We’re saying podium, purely for the entertainment factor.

PITS – Fernando Alonso’s attitude :  The hotly tipped Spaniard has been making his voice heard this week with statements such as “put your money on me, the 2010 title is mine” and “I grew up a lot in 2007, I’m faster now” – such talk is great, but he won’t half look silly if come Bahrain, the Ferrari is as slow as a last year’s limping horse.  Chances are the car will be a prancing horse again, but seriously Fernando, shut up and drive.

PITS – USF1 : Now this is a team in serious need of some good news.  Every rumour has been negative so far.  Charlie Whiting is believed to have been at the factory yesterday checking the team has a car at all.  Lopez’s manager is in talks with the Campos team and apparently everyone who works for USF1 thinks they won’t make it to Bahrain.  Miss the first four races?  Boo, what’s the point.  POP is surprised that Peter Windsor can publicly fail so massively.  No car, no testing, possibly one driver, two weeks until the season starts.

Game over.

PODIUM: Andy Soucek : the current Formula 2 champ who has now signed with Virgin Racing as their test and reserve driver for 2010.  Great news.  Badger likes Andy and interviewed him during his F2 campaign last year.  We wish him all the best in F1.

Read more about him here – Andy Soucek

You get the idea and that’s what we’ve come up with – over to you, make our POP queen happy and let us know your ideas for what else should be on the PODIUM and in the PITS this week in the comments below.