The new season is off to a cracking start with the qualifying session throwing up some surprises and no one could have predicted just how quick the reigning champion, Sebastian Vettel could be – even homeboy teammate Webber was left to figure out exactly where he’s losing a second in the same car.

Mark Webber considers his chances of a home win from 3rd - image: RBR Media/Getty

The Aussie GP always produces an unpredictable and consequently exciting grand prix so we should just expect Vettel to be lapping everyone halfway through the race – the first couple of laps could be chaotic, into the first corner, at the front there’s the ever racey Hamilton who’ll go for even a slight hint of a gap, Webber – who’ll be desperate to finally have a victory in front of his home fans and of course Vettel who’ll just want to lead away.

Then there’s Petrov who’s not exactly experienced at being in the leading pack and will an unknown quantity to the drivers around him. Button, will probably let the race pan out rather than go for a daredevil move up the inside into turn one and as for Fernando Alonso – the Ferrari is thought to have excellent race pace so he’ll be a firey Spanish force to be reckoned with.

Also in the top 10 is the ever popular Kamui Kobayashi, who’s well known for his overtaking skills, and as long as he keeps all four wheels on the track he’ll be a real threat and a challenge to the rest of the leaders.

We can expect plenty more battles further down the field too, Barrichello won’t stay 16th for long and Nick Heidfeld will be looking to raise his game to keep his race seat.

The Starting Grid for Sunday

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