Grand Prix POP – Podium or Pits, your regular round up of recent stories in and around Formula. Some get on the podium, others are the pits.

1. Podium

A night with McLaren

We’re all over any news around Fan Engagement here at Badger GP and the latest competition between McLaren and their sponsor, Hilton Honors caught our eye – you can win the opportunity for a sleepover at the famous MTC for the Aussie GP weekend. More details here, but of course we think you’d be better off watching it with us at the Aussie GP Bash.

2. Pits

Ted’s Wallpaper

Yes, fan favourite, Ted Kravitz has been back in action for Sky F1 with his usual combination of wit, humour, oddness and useful insight into Formula 1. But what grabbed our attention? His wallpaper. Taylor Swift. Oh Ted!

3. Podium

The “Halo”

As seen on day 7 of testing in Barcelona, a “halo” was attached to Raikkonen’s Ferrari for a couple of laps. It’s going to take a bit of getting used to, but if it really does improve safety, that’s a good thing.

But the name? Crikey, that’s a poor choice. Yes we can see where it’s come from, but oh dear. I guess it’s up there with the many other odd and quirky Formula 1 terms.

4. Podium

Noise! Noisier F1, Thank you

We may not be quite back to the screaming high revving machines, but changes for 2016 have led to a more throaty, exciting sound from Formula 1, phew. Here’s a video showing off ‘new sound of F1’.

5. Podium

Twitter Banter

It’s no secret, we’re huge fans of Twitter here at Badger GP, so much so that watching a race without it would seem very odd. The great thing is that Twitter is always there, so during this period of a news void, the tweets keep coming, here’s David Coulthard being shot down by Andre Lotterer.

6. Pits


Every day, if you follow F1 news updates you’ll have seen an update about qualifying. It’s not currently broken, but F1 wants to fix it anyway. Make it more of a show. And to do this they’re implementing “Elimination Qualifying” (best said in a Gladiators commentator style).

Or are they. At one point it was all to go ahead. Then it was delayed until Spain. Now it’s looking like a compromise with Q1 and Q2 changing, but Q3 remaining the same as it was.

And it’s likely to change again with yet more meetings and discussions to be had. One thing’s for sure, the drivers don’t like the idea.